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As if being the Bride isn’t stressful enough these days, many bride-to-be’s are planning their own weddings. Often, with little to no help, they are turning to websites such as Pinterest or Etsy for all the DIY help and ideas they can get. However, what some individuals fail to realize is that besides the husband, choosing the right team of wedding photographers¬†is arguably one of the most important decisions a bride will make. Its all about your special day and as such, you want a skillful photographer that can capture every moment of big day.¬†Then comes all the other questions to start the exciting, yet nerve wracking process. What type of wedding do we want? Rustic or Beach Wedding? Indoor or Outdoor? Open bar or cash bar?


I, myself, was a DIY bride. There were so many things to plan and make for the wedding, some details just fell through the cracks and were forgotten. I was so focused on the earthy decorations and trying to be frugal making my own favor boxes, I didn’t even consider which activities my husband and I would do during the reception. The DJ saved me. I remember one game in particular he had us play. Two chairs were placed back to back in the middle of the dance floor and my husband and I were placed in them.

I was instructed to take off my shoes and give one to my husband, he was instructed to do the same. We were asked many questions such as, “Who’s a better driver?” and “Who is a better cook?”. Instead of saying out loud, we held up the shoe as the answer. I couldn’t see my husband’s answer and he couldn’t see mine, but the guest’s reactions and laughter told us when we didn’t hold up the same shoe. I am so grateful the DJ did that. I would have never thought to do it and i will remember it forever.


Keep in mind, DIY planning may not be for everyone and it is perfectly alright to hire a wedding planner. Focus on the dress, guest list, cake flavor and design. You will be busy enough making decisions to worry about who is decorating and handling all the details. However, if DIY planning is your only option or you just have an extremely well stocked Pinterest board for your wedding and can’t wait to use it, the internet is your oyster. From beautiful mason jar luminaries to fish bowl centerpieces and photo backdrops, the possibilities are endless. As it is with any DIY project, you’ll want to be sure to shop around to get the lowest price. For projects, like invitations or favors, that require a numerous amount of the same material, buy in bulk!

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